• Image of NINE50NINE - HOLLOW BONES (CD - 2012)

Ty Willman's band with Alan Hunt, Jeremy Lightfoot, Dave Krusen and Cameron Brownfield.

Unsurprisingly, their collective pedigrees originate outside the world of country. Drummer Dave Krusen was formerly in Pearl Jam; Guitarist and vocalist Ty Willman played with the seminal Green Apple Quickstep; guitarist Cameron Brownfield was a successful hip-hop and rock producer; guitarist Alan Hunt is a life-long musician, who grew up in Charlotte and brings a distinctively southern sound to the group; and bassist Jeremy Lightfoot plays bass in the alt-rock band Satchel.

1. Read My Lips (I’m Deaf)
2. Backyard Birds
3. Kevin Says
4. Lotion
5. Sabotage Me
6. Soldier In Heels
7. Pop Quiz
8. Saturday Morning 1985
9. New Job
10. Hollow Bones